Assert Yourself
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Assert Yourself






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Learn how to get what you want from people who don't want you to have it

This learning resource is available as a ten minute video briefing or as a two hour ten minute on line training course


Video Briefing

This ten minute video looks at how to take an assertive approach to people and situations and the benefits it can bring, both at work and in our daily lives.


Being assertive enables us to communicate more effectively and get what we want – whether it’s asking for a pay rise, tackling inappropriate behaviour or simply getting our views heard.


Video briefing description


Assertive behaviour enables us to do things like express our opinions, stand up for our rights, ask for what we want and disagree without conflict. It’s all about communicating clearly and effectively, and being able to express our own views, needs and rights while at the same time respecting those of others.


Illustrated with drama scenarios and commentary from experienced behavioural psychologist Gordon Tinline, this short video briefing shows how an assertive approach can help us take charge of our lives and achieve the outcomes that we want in a spirit of collaboration and respect.


Learning outcomes


  • what we mean by assertiveness
  • the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive approaches
  • the benefits of being assertive
  • how we can use an assertive approach at work and in our daily lives.


On line Training Course

This course takes an engaging look at how to develop confidence and communication skills to ensure positive outcomes from your interactions with others. Being able to assert yourself and communicate effectively is key to building good working relationships.


Course description


Suitable for employees of all levels, Assert Yourself is an engaging, interactive learning experience that helps staff develop the skills and confidence they need to ensure that their interactions with others are positive, respectful and productive.


When we find ourselves under pressure or in confrontational situations, we may react aggressively – or we may back down and say nothing. Neither approach is likely to result in a positive outcome and we’re likely to come away from the situation wishing we’d handled things differently. Failure to assert ourselves and communicate clearly can have a negative impact on our interactions with colleagues, clients and customers and is likely to affect our personal effectiveness and productivity as well.


Learning outcomes


This course will give a better understanding of:


  • the disadvantages of aggressive and passive behaviour
  • the benefits of assertiveness
  • why how you make your point is just as important as what you say
  • how to disagree without being disagreeable
  • the ‘six steps’ to assertiveness
  • the importance of showing respect for others
  • how to become an active team member
  • giving and receiving constructive feedback.



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