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The state-of-the-art online assessment platform developed by Psynet Group.

Psybil® is the state-of-the-art online assessment platform developed by Psynet Group.

Psybil® assesses individuals as well as teams to identify areas of synergy and potential obstacles to team success.

Psybil® users say that they value the introspection that the Psybil® assessments foster.

Seven Billion Assessments

Psybil® assessments generate 7 billion different outcomes.

There are 7 billion different people in the world.


Go Beyond Generic Personality and Skills Testing

Generic Personality and skills testing lacks predictive validity.

Through the Psybil® platform, you can go beyond this narrow approach to assess

  • Thinking ability,
  • Needs and drives, as well as
  • Mental models.

Psybil® assesses individual people within the context of their teams in order to maximize impact.

Psybil® has saved users time and money by enabling them to make better talent decisions.

Multiple Functions

Psybil® can be used for

  • Selection,
  • Succession Planning, and
  • Personal Development.

Psybil® Helps You to Identify

  1. If the individual can think critically, creatively, and strategically, as well as solve complex problems?
  2. What the individuals’ motivators and drivers, including their approach to risk are?
  3. If the individual is a leader who can inspire direct reports and co-workers?
  4. If the individual can influence and sell?
  5. The character flaws of the individual including bullying, low self-awareness, poor coping skills, and over- reliance on strengths?

Some Facts

  • Psybil® Founded in 1969 as University Associates
  • The founder Dr. Dave Popple has delivered more than 1,000 assessments
  • Over 60,000 on-line Psybil® on-line assessments have been delivered and the number is increasing every day
  • Psybil® includes measurements of over 322 individual attributes.
  • Three more assessments are being developed that will add 20 more attribute assessments.

What is the Assessment Experience Like?

The WPLC Team were all impressed by the way in which Psybil® has clearly been designed with the user in mind.

One of the ways that the WPLC team thought Psybil® demonstrated this is the way in which the Psybil® assessment can be taken in split sessions.

The members of the WPLC team all did their Psybil® assessments in one session, which showed that taking this sort of assessment is no walk in the park.

Being able to split the assessment process into different sessions would help to avoid cognitive fatigue. Who would not want to avoid that?

The Way You Want To

Psybil® facilitates individuals taking the assessment in a way that suits them.

The WPLC team believe this will increase motivation to complete the assessment and result in increased interest in the reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is An Assessment?

This depends on the needs of the company, and the degree of customization. However, the average length of time that it took members of the WPLC team to complete the assessment battery (we did everything before deciding to add Psybil® to our catalogue) was just over an hour.

Is Psybil® Expensive?

There is no such thing as a cheap psychometric assessment.

The question to ask is how much do you value information that would help to stop you hiring or promoting a person who was unsuitable for a job?

The price of Psybil® is a fraction of the real cost of promoting the wrong person or failing to identify a high potential leader.

Is it legal?


With data security being such a sensitive issue it is reasonable to wonder about the relationship between psychological assessments and data protection and privacy legislation.

Psybil® complies with the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association and the standards of the US Department of Labor.

What are the Reports Like?

Maximising the return on your investment in any psychometric assessment is dependent on how easy it is to understand and act on the information in the reports produced by the assessment.

Everyone one the WPLC team liked the Psybil® reports used images to present information.

Psybil® claims that the visual nature of the reports they provide make them very easy to understand.

So easy in fact that they claim it takes just ten seconds!

Now! Anyone who knows the WPLC team knows that when we are presented with a claim like this, we are going to really test it.

We did! Psybil® does have a range of features built in to its reports that do result in a solution that is both easy and quick to understand.

The pre-requisites for using Psybil® depend on what it is that you want to achieve.

Your Work Place Learning Centre adviser will help you identify the support that you need and work with you to ensure that you are implementing Psybil®  effectively.

Psychometric assessments like Psybil® involve considerable research.  As a result they are not as easy to customise as other learning resources and training courses.

There are some elements of the platform that can be customised, including branding.

Your Work Place Learning Centre adviser will be happy to discuss how Psybil® can be customised for your organisation.

Psybil® can be purchased as a stand-a-lone solution or as part of a wider employee development programme of learning resources, and training courses.

Your Work Place Learning Centre adviser will help you identify the most cost effective way for your organisation to benefit from using Psybil® 

As with any other learning resource, training course or assessment in the WPLC catalogue we will be happy to discuss the advantages of purchasing in bulk.

Your Work Place Learning Centre adviser will discuss how Psybil® can be purchased in bulk or how it can be combined with other learning resources, or training courses as part of a blended solution.

Your Work Place Learning Centre adviser will help you to assess Psybil® against other psychometric assessments so that you can select the best assessment for your organisation and the objectives you want to achieve.

21 Jan 2021

"I have taken several assessments that were interesting but irrelevant to my job. When Dr. Popple asked me if all my successful people had the same personality, I knew we needed to assess for something else....Psybil is that tool."

21 Jan 2021

"I was assessed by Psynet Group in early 2000. As I moved from company to company, I refused to make an executive decision without their insights."

22 Jan 2021

"I still can't figure out how Psynet could know so much about me from an online assessment... I converted from a candidate to a client on the spot."

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