Risk Assessment
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Risk Assessment




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Learn how to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment

Just thinking about the prospect of conducting a risk assessment can strike fear in to many people

Participants on this Risk Assessment course leave having dismissed the myths and built confidence in their ability to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment.

Concentrating on common sense explanations and easy to understand language, rather than 'health and safety speak' participants quickly understand the key elements of risk assessment.

Health and Safety can only work if it can be understood.

Identifying the risk is the first part of the risk assessment, once completed that risk assessment has to be communicated to other people in a way that is easily understood and applied to the working environment of an individual employee.

Risk Assessment Formats

This risk assessment course takes participants through some of the most effective and yet ‘easy to use’ available risk assessment formats.

Prioritising Risk

Risk assessment is not really that complicated a process to complete. It really is as simple as learning how to identify the risk and then learning how to prioritise those risks in terms of the severity of the consequences of the risk.


Participants will be given an indispensable insight and personalised guidance into the how the health and safety legislation applies to them and their working environment.

The aim is to equip every participant with the skills and knowledge they need to apply the legislation in their work place for any activity including

  • Manual Handling,
  • Computer Operators,
  • Young Workers, etc or in a dynamic situation.


  • Relevant Legislation
  • Principles of Control
  • The 5 Steps to Risk Assessing
  • Practical Exercise 1 - Hazard Spotting
  • The Hierarchy of Controls
  • Practical Exercise 2 - Risk Assessment Scenarios ?
  • Assessment


We will fulfil the learning objectives within one training day

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will leave the risk assessments course

  • Understanding the key practical risk assessment techniques by applying the HSE’s 5 steps to risk assessing,
  • With the ability to identify hazards and evaluate risk,
  • Knowing how to implement monitoring and when and how to perform the review process,
  • Able to apply all these techniques to almost any environment or activity.

?By the end of the course participants will be performing their own risk assessments confidently without assistance.

This training course is ideal for anyone who has been given responsibility for carrying out a risk assessment, and communicating the results of that assessment to other people.

It would work well as part of an induction for new line managers or supervisors, who need to understand that risk assessment is the first stage of managing health and safety.

Employee representatives on health and safety committees and consultative bodies will find this training course particularly useful.

When health and safety is just one of many different responsibilities for someone in a small or medium sized business this risk assessment training course is an ideal start to proficient health and safety management. 

As with all other training courses offered by WPLC.co.uk this risk assessment training course can be customised to meet the exact needs of any organisation.

We will create a learning experience that includes the hazards and risks that your employees are likely to encounter.

Contact your WPLC.co.uk learning adviser to discuss the customisation of this learning experience. 

This risk assessment training course can be purchased as part of a

  • wider learning and development plan
  • health and safety consultancy support package

This risk assessment training course is available for bulk purchase by employers and collective membership bodies like Chambers of Commerce and trade associations.

Please contact your WPLC.co.uk learning expert to discuss the available options,

Contact your WPLC.co.uk learning adviser to discuss how this risk assessment and the associated health and safety consultancy compare to the other options that you are considering.

17 Mar 2020

It is easy to say that health and safety is common sense, anyone could see that a particular activity that resulted in an accident was dangerous. But, unfortunately common sense is one of the least common personality traits and accidents to happen. That's why we like this Risk Assessment training course. It's practical and delivered in a common sense, common language style. At the end you really are capable of conducting a risk assessment by yourself and communicating your findings to other people. This course takes risk assessment beyond simply complying with legistalation to become an activity that will have a commerical impact on the way a business operates.

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